A new security company called RSG Alarms..rocks!

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I had an agent from a new security company (www.rsgsco.com) come to my house promising to show me the latest in home security systems. Of course I tried to close the door as fast as I could. He said, "our system is for home automation, and it's free!". I decided to give him 5 minutes. I'm so glad I did. Not only was it free (well, less monthly monitoring), but now I can arm/disarm my system on my iPhone; turn on and off my home lighting (through the phone too); and since it's tied into my AC unit, I'm saving on my utilities as well. Here's the BEST part; I had 6 months left on my current security contract and they covered the cost of my early termination with their 'buy-out' program.

I was truly pleased! It's not often you find a company that changes the perception of an old bird like me. I've recommended RSG Alarm & Security Co to 20 people already, and noone has had a bad experience. I think they're only in TX for now, but I know they're expanding.


Review about: 2G Security System.



Thanks for the tip.I live just outside Dallas (Rockwall) and contacted this company.

They were a little late for my appointment and the iPhone application is not setup for my area yet, but the system is MUCH better than the ADT system I had for the last 8yrs.I like the touch screen.

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